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Follow these simple steps, you can order your baby:

1 all doll once the order put into production, it will not be canceled.
  All sales are final. Don't accept a refund.

2 when we deal with every orders are absolutely confidential and cautious.
  We never share your personal information with anyone,Or to rent, sell it.
  So you can ensure that you complete complete privacy.

3 we will via email, phone, fax or letter to confirm what kind of way - please 
  indicate your preference on the order.As soon as we receive the doll's orders,
  we will be making your baby the necessary materials. Production cycle is 
  completed within 1 week.

4 when you order doll close to complete, we will contact with you, to determine
  a convenient for you receive delivery time; In order to ensure the safety of 
  the your toy doll, need you personally receive delivery of the goods. We don't
  accept people outside of you receive delivery of the goods. Therefore, you
  Accepted your doll, we no longer accept returns caused by product quality problems.
  Send us confirmation after .

5 complete Chinese version of order form, complete the ordering process.


Click download [SAVOURDOLL order form traditional version]


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